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Spinning Mistrust as Trust Lately?

Just had another Mindmarker moment that was pretty much “when too much transparency is a bad thing.” What is it then do you wish to convey: to be transparent, or not? If you don’t right the wrongs - which is one of your 13 cards - then screw your integrity and intent; and go on with your hidden agendas. Stephen is the legacy of his father, Franklin. And they’re just spinning their version of self-help and management that was long ago developed by Dale Carnegie - the quintessential architect to today’s public speaking and management. #NothingNewUndertheSun

Lacks clarity

I'm not sure if this app is purposely not allowing to receive perfect scores but I am reinforcing some speed of trust training I received and I genuinely like the refresher. What I find frustrating is the app will pose a question, I'll answer it correctly but it'll only give you a half score of the score allowed which makes no sense. For example, recently I answered a question correct today and received a 1800/3600... what the hell is up with that? That's a lot of points to miss out on. I don't know it's petty but now it's at a point of what's the point of even doing it if you're not even going to fulfill your self competitiveness itch even when your answers are correct?

Great way to learn.. Big impact

What an ez and fun way to learn. Very user-friendly! I received valuable bite-size pieces of content that helped me perform better at my job..

Very helpful

Went to a training for work and it included a Mindmarker Reinforcement Program. Really helped me remember what I learned and apply the new skills from the training. Very clean and intuitive app. I like that I can customize my notification settings in the app and on my phone.

Great App!

The Mindmarker app is the best way to reinforce training! It is slick, intuitive, and works wonderfully!

Great app!

Introduced to this app after completing a training course. Very impressed!

Great App!

This is a fantastic app that is easy to use and effective. I am able to keep current with my training, track my progress and review past reinforcements quickly & easily!


I found the mindmarker app to be very user friendly. I was introduced to the app after a sales training for reinforcement purposes. Very easy to use and navigate and I'm also able to track my progress. Very cool app!

Clean, professional and effective

I downloaded the demo and was pleasantly surprised on how unobtrusive it is. A great reinforcement learning tool!

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